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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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two. clean upfrom this weekend's rain. >> and we lingering wind and rain this morning. as we get in to tomorrow. pattern change began. we're talking about record warmth by this weekend for your valentine's day plans. we'll take you to the changes in just moments. and dealing with rainy condition. slick roads as we build that commute. we talk about gusty wins. we talk about where we're seeing a slowdown as well. >> and live look. nothing slow about that. live picture of the bay bridge. you're watching "today in the bay" ♪ >> and a very good morning to you, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we show you live pictures from the bay area. >> and crews are working to clean up after the latest round
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of heavy rain, flooded roadway, and knocking out power to thousands. >> bob redell is in the peninsula. we kick things off with meteorologist christina loren. where is the rain falling now? >> it's passing through the bay area. we'll show you that radar in just a moment. want to start with more impressive storm totals. over a fast rain came down over the course of the weekend. you can count on localized flooding continuing up there. atorton, over 4 inches of rain, los gatos, under 4 inches. yes. that's for jeff out there. thanks for watching every. heywa hayward, 3 inches. most of the heavier stuff is coming down in the north bay as well. we're getting a break. none of that wide spread steady rainfall. and showers will continue to trend dryer.
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looking toward slick conditions this morning, down south to santa rosa on 101. we'll get particulars from mike in a moment. talk about what the wind is doing, coming straight out of the west pushing east. we have significant sustained speeds at 14 miles an hour. livermore, 12 miles an hour. overall 30 to 40 sustained fees have dropped off. temperatures are in the 50s. grab your coat or umbrella. in case you see hit or miss showers. we'll warm up nicely into the 50s, upper 50s in the north bay. we'll see low 60s elsewhere and round out the day to the low 60s. right now, back to u-sam and laura. you hear it there. fierce wind knocked down a huge eucalyptus tree overnight. a tree snapped a power pole in half before landing on an suv
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below. at one point 2500 people are without power. right now the lights are slowly coming back on. it happened near the corner of baxter and burnham street. >> also, the lights slowly coming back on in the peninsula. bob redell live in redwood city this morning. how is it looking there, bob? >> reporter: you can see this few from k view, everybody has its lights on. the peninsula did ache a hit not only in terms of downed power lines and downed trees and what not but in terms of flooding as well. this is a two-mile backup. this was around noon yesterday as the southbound lanes backed up with water, causing delays of up to 30 minutes. chp was busy as well dealing with drivers who should have
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been driving more carefully instead ended up in spinouts and accidents. there had been a hundred without power on the peninsula. we've seen many neighborhoods with power coming back on like this in emerald hills. it's been restored the last hour and a half, perhaps longer. downed trees, i mentioned, fortunately no one was hurt. the soil was too saturated for the roots. back to the power outages, there's still several hundred customers without power in the bay area still. there were thousand in the past 24 hours, showing pg&e are busy at work trying to get electrical lines back up and running. reporting live in redwood city, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> it's no doubt dramatic all of the trees falling down. take a look at this. in napa where wind and rain took
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a 60-foot tall oak tree. the man living in the house thought it was just another earthquake. thankfully he was not hurt but did have to call out a city inspector to check the damage at the his house. >> and we're going to check conditions across the bay area with mike inouye in three wins. from the roads to the skies, rain and an east coast storm causing problems for travelers afo. so far there's 17 cancellations out of sfo, all arrivals. hundreds of flights out of boston alone because of bad weather. local members will likely go up. as always, call your airline before you head out to the airport. >> okay. the imprint of the storm still very much on it. rain or shine download our nbc bay area app for the forecast at your fingertips. there you find real time doppler weather to see what you expect
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every day. >> a bay area teenager is behind bars accused of kidnapping and raping a pizza delivery driver. >> chrkris sanchez is joining u from antioch. what happened? >> reporter: we lenned he's a teenager. but the crimes could have him facing charges as an adult. this happened sunday morning while the pizza delivery driver was on the job. she was delivering a pizza to the 2800 block of blue bell circle. when she arrived a suspect forced her at gunpoint and made her drive to an undisclosed location where he sexually assaulted her. the victim called police and in less than two hours the police arrested the 17-year-old suspect. he was arrested at the same home
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where that pizza was delivered. he faces sexual assault and kidnapping charges. dominos released a same saying we are shocked and horrified this happening. we couldn't conceive of this happening especially on a sunday morning. we're work with the franchise owner to provide the victim with the support she needs. nbc says the teenager has not been charged yet. but we'll check to see if we can get more details later this morning there. in antioch, kris sanchez "today in the bay." 6:07 an intense stand ooff ended peacefully after a man barricaded himself inside.
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a tactical team and negotiators were called. after several hours the man surrendered to police. let's find out what is going on on the weather front this morning in your microclimate forecast. we take a live look outside and approach to the bay bridge. christina you said something earlier. how did this storm stack up with the one in december? you said it was 70% of the strength of the december storm? >> as far as totals and wind go, obviously we have a lost rain at one time. no two storm systems ever the same. i can tell you this one certainly brought us gentlemanerogentlemane generous totals. that's why we didn't see as much flooding in december as you may recall. we had cars floating in parts of the bay area. that's the good news when it comes down over a prolonged period instead of at once. we saw flooding, downed trees
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and also still shower activity south through windsor, santa rosa. we may have slick conditions. we'll find out with mike. here's the story of the day. on and on light shower activity. i stopped that clock for you at noon. 61 south bay. 62 peninsula. 61 degrees in the tri-valley. we'll round out with temperatures in the mid 60s. that 63 is your high today in east bay, 64 in tri-valley. days are getting longer as we're heading into february but i can tell you unusual to see highs in the mid 60s even after a storm system still warmer than average. let's talk about the 48-hour to 78 hour storm totals. lafayette. 5 inches of rain. santa teresa. under 3 inches. we hit high totals in the city as well.
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that might make you think you don't have to conserve. you have to conserve. it will save you money if you're a home owner. dish waters use less water than washing alone by hand. defrost food in the ridge straight instead of using water to thaw out. and here's for the gentlemen. plug sink when using the razor shaving your face saves 300 gallons per month. you're doing double dipping but doing the state a service. we know that face is always looking good. >> trying to keep it shaved is no probletrying grow a period o mustac mustache, that's a problem. at the bay bridge, we have a live look. there are gusty conditions from time to time here. as we look at the map, talking about the bay bridge, also the
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golden gate bridge and richmond-san rafael bridge visible where we have wind advisories. we are still going have wet conditions and damp roadways all over the bay and scattered showers north of the golden gate bridge. no big problems as we look at antioch, highway 4, we're moving to the tri-valley and east bay. hayward and smooth flow of building typical pattern. crash southbound 880 at marin. and we have speeds starting to improve a bit and we have slowing coming into the area for hayward, union city, 682. typical build through that spot. you see everybody coming off 580 and heading into the south bay. moving through the south bay, san jose shows a little build. over in the bottom left corner, you see that exclamation point. that's over at skyline boulevard, reports of hillside
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slimmage, a lost rain typically happens in that force of los gatos hills. right under where it says live, you seat flashing arrow moving you one lane to the left as you're approaching the second of the two willow off-ramps. >> we have to fine the right spokesperson to tell us when they expect those labors to clear. >> perfect pointing it out. thanks a lot, mike. >> 6:12 right now. more than 200 people wondering if they have anything to go home to after a wildfire burns through the sierras. >> and hackers gaining a lost interest in cars now. we'll take a look coming up.
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at 6:14, here's a look at today's top stories. most of the power is back on in vallejo, a tree took down power
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lines caution an outage. a teenager in juvenile hall accused of kidnapping a pizza driver and raping her. and president obama visits with germany's chancellor, strategies on isis, russia and ukraine fighting to be on the agenda. hackers have gone after our credit card, health insurance and credit cards. but our cars. >> i can actually unlock my door through my iphone. and so, too, can hackers. a report said cars of all makes and models are vulnerable. keep in mind not only does your car bring in a lot of data, it creates a lot of data. ford said one of the plug-in models creates 45 gigabytes of
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data every single hour. the bay area is allowing turbotax users to file taxes again. some were filing for state returns only to find out they've already been filed by criminals who were after the tax refund. term es out the problem has nothing to do with turbo tack. bad guys got people's personal information elsewhere and filed a refun on their behalf. there's nothing antivirus software or other protects that would have helped you here. bad guys would have easily filed the fake tax returns by mail, they just found it using tax software was easier. this was wide scale identity theft. it was not hacking. plus more people will be paying p payroll taxes. finally the government said the american economy had 250,000 jobs in january. best growth since 1999. we had figured that would be a lot smaller, pulled down by job
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losses in the oil industry. guys, the economy is doing real well. jobs numbers will be a problem for the next set of presidential candidates. republicans have a hard time saying we should do this differently. democrats, too, hillary clinton if she were to run has to make it sound like she's bringing change. nobody wants change if we're getting these kind of anymores. >> maybe we are changing focus. >> that campaign slogan was already taken p. >> change was off the table. >> exactly. >> thanks very much, scott. happening now fire fighters don't know when more than 250 people will be able to return to their charred neighborhood. the wildfire has destroyed more than 40 homes in the towns of small meadows and paradise. right now it's 75% contained but strong wins could cause problems today. no word on the cause of the fire. it's 6:17, everybody is talking about the wet weekend over the bay area.
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let's look at the live look of the bay bridge. a chance to dry out but impressive totals nonetheless. >> yes. amazing numbers coming in from across the bay area. no matter where you live, you picked up an inch of rain. higher totals came in where we accumulated just under 14 inches. just under 4 inches for you in los altos hills. venado, 14 inches. oakland hills, just under 3 inches and castro, in san francisco, 1.65, over an inch and a half out there. great looking totals and we really needed this rain. it brought us up to 100% or more of average across the board. that's the good news. as we head throughout the day showers will be light and spotty and they'll clear out at lunch time at 3:00 depending where you live. we'll see showers longest.
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we'll see 59 in san francisco. waking up with a nice 59-degree temp. low 60s for us at lunch time with the lingering shower activity and dark clouds limiting that sunshine. only hit 59 degree, you'll make up the difference between noon and 3:00. 63 in san francisco and 64 for us right here in san jose. temperatures will steadily warm up as we head through each and every day this week. by this weekend we're talking about dry, warm weather. you can actually hit the beach on valentine's day if that's something you're looking to do. 74 degrees in the south bay saturday. 72 degrees sunday. looking good on the peninsula for a nice warm sunday. that's a peak when it comes to the warming trend. 6 7 2 degrees on the east shore.
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a cooldown sunday and could see a run of rain on tuesday the following week. we are not done yet. we're still holding on to wintertime in the bay area. we have a big deficit trying to climb out of. how do you think a picnic sounds? you and the wife, maybe leave them home, bring them can you saturday. >> in a picnic, love the kids but love my wife as well. looking toward palo alto. a smooth dry commute past will low. we do have this emergency repair work pushing folks over one lane to the left. does appear they're getting off willow as well. just until you get to the off-ramp. emergency repair continues. we see it doesn't show up on our map. we have a build coming off the bay front express way. getting right around there.
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as well as the rest of the palo alto area. a smooth drive for 280 as well. but we'll show the backup traditional later on in your commute. here's san jose, the second. this is the beginning of the commute for the silicon valley. we've been watching highway 9 at 35 through los gatos hill. we have reports of hillside slippage. you might have to take a rero e reroute. locals will know the alternate for you but not a major commute for most of the south bay. in the east bay. southbound through hayward, a three-car crash is over off toward the shoulder. here in the tri-valley. let's head over to livermore. this is the pattern and also heading over into fremont and south bay. gusty winds coming through ddia
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golden gate bridge. we see a smooth drive across these spans but gusty winds across as well. they have a wind as advisory there as well. wet roads continue through north bay. san rafael showing green blotches. that means you'll get slicker conditions. watch the entire stretch coming down the golden gate bridge. live look past the coliseum. again, slicker roadways because the sun has not come out. obvious we have not had things dry out that much overnight. looking over san rafael, we show puddles going on here. puddling over on the shoulder. surface street water as well and of course there's still mist and drizzle in many parts of the bey, so keep that in mind. >> mist, drizzle and now ice. they're trucking it in. home of the 49ers will be transformed into the home of the
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sharks how crews make it happen next. and the beatles say, here comes the sun. temperatures expected to warm up. christina has more on that throughout the week. we'll be right back.
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a very good monday morning to you. hope you had a great week en. let's take a live look outside. beautiful bay bridge drying out. after all of the big storms that hit the bay area.
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bringing in impressive rain totals. and still ahead of a big game, it's considered a big hot ticket. >> we're talking about an important arrival at leave vie stadium ice and a refrigeration truck. it's called nhl ice plant, that will make ice for the risk in the nhl stadium series game between the sharks and l.a. kings. that came takes place february 21st and will air on the nbc sports network. >> how lucky are you feeling right now? you might want to get your powerball ticket. >> or poole your money. nobody matched all six numbers that means the jackpot wednesday will jump to $450 million. the odds of winning? 1 thein 175 million. >> the odds don't change.
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you go from 175 to 450, everyone starts to play. and the opening bell up next. >> and a man who is a suspect in the suitcase stuffed with body parts dies in the hospital.
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be part of the conversation at good mop day morning to you, i'm meteorologist christina loren. big pattern change begins tomorrow and we're talking about record warmth through the weekend. we'll take you through the changes of the microplanet in moments. >> a lot of lingering roadways. slicker conditions and gusty wins causing complications.
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we have a crash to tell you about on the east by. and markets had the best week since winter 2013. we take you live to the nyse. there's the opening bell. >> now to the mass deck as well. >> scott's got all sorts of good news recently. live look at the bay bridge monday february 9th. you're watching today in the bay. >> good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> a new twist right now into the investigation full of body parts found in san francisco. the only man arrest sd now dead. >> today stephanie joins us from san francisco. a bizarre twist in this case,
6:31 am
steph? >> reporter: absolutely. here's what we know. san francisco police know we have our prime suspect. booked into jail. he was released and over the weekend he died after checking into the hospital. what caused him to die has not been made public. almost a week ago. around 9:30 when mark andres walked out of county jail a free man. the public defender walked him out with his arm around the client. this came after the exploration of the window the strict attorney's had to file charges. he did not have enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. you may remember surveillance footage showing a man identified as andres pulling a suitcase from the same area where officers found the toreso inside the suitcase. they arrested him shortly after on a tip that led officers to his friend's apartment even with
6:32 am
the death of this suspect, there's other factors, identification of the body. and the crime scene. members have not made an identification nor determined cause of death. we know investigators were working a lead that it was possibly his former roommate who has been missing for some time. live in san francisco, stephanie chaung. >> we take a live look outside. let's shake it off, shall we? we got a dousing this weekend but let's shake it off. it is time for a warm-up. >> shake it off as the soil came along with the soil. i want to take that microclimate forecast with christina. it was a good soaking. >> we definitely need the rain across the state of california and totals are very impressive. that's what we're working with,
6:33 am
incredibly high totals especially up in the north bay. >> look at this, cloverdale, under 10 inches of rain. wall net creek, 3 inches and san francisco just under 2 inches. really depends where you're positioned. that's a determining factor how much rain. we have light showers lingering, none have the heavy red or orange, a couple cells with yellow but not expecting much activity. >> as we head through the day. the storm system racing towards tahoe. for us, we have a whole new pattern to look forward to as we head into this week. warming trend begins. i want to show you your work week and we talk about the weekend temperatures in my next report. we're talking about a climb up to 75 degrees thursday, 75 friday. stick around.
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we'll have our weekend forecast coming up. we'll continue to show high totals across the bay area. we'll get to fremont, mike's home down moments. let's check your drive with mike. >> not to be confused with south bay. that's where my home is, fremont. looking at the bay bridge, folks looking across the bay. camera travels roof top. looking at the bay bridge, the wind is gusty at types which is why we have the camera shaking. pretty typical as the volume builds. we see the traffic slow on the approach. where it says piedmont coming out of piedmont hills slow towards the maze. top of the screen we have folks coming down through berkeley out of richmond as well. the upper freeway shows that building as fact from hercules towards the area. now, over on the left side, we
6:35 am
widened out the shot. coming through san rafael where there is slowing and dam roads for the north bay as well. we'll watch those conditions but nothing unusual. right side, antioch, heading down towards 242. might get gusty winds, continuing from time to time. keep that in mind, 680 moving smoothly. now, the arrow showing where you have as well, typical, down toward 680 in pleasanton. at the bottom of your screen, you have a crashed circle. all three vehicles made their way to the shoulder that started off an early slowdown that sorted itself out. now moving toward mission. we move to the south bay san jose. 101, 87, 85, coming out of san jose. cupertino, you see the slow dive and from cupertino, until 11:00
6:36 am
a.m. as we talked about. over here, highway 9 at 35. wires down as well. there's traffic control in the area. locals will know the reround. this is not a commute spot. the rain came in all weekend. we'll watch for more reports and live look in palo alto. top of the scene, we see the era moving one lane to the left. approaching the willow off-ramps but both off-ramps are open. >> some residual ea effects. >> what do you do when you're down and out? >> let's check the numbers with scott mcgrew. >> we had really good markets. >> dow down a half%. we're seeing yelp move slower.
6:37 am
that company reported profits. the number of people that wanted to use yelp. that's the number we're using. no more growth out of yelp. back to you guys. 6:37. police say a teenager accused of murder took a selfie with the dead victim. and you see the video of the police managing to pull a man out of a burning car. more of that coming up just ahead.
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it's 6:39 monday, a developing story out of egypt this morning, where at least 40 people have died after a riot in cairo. the crowds went on a stampede as crews use tear gas to stop fans from trying to enter the stadium. fans tried to force their way in without tickets and that sparked clashes. fans say violence broke out because authorities only opened up one door to let all of them in. >> hey, get out of the car. . authorities capture dramatic rescue from a burning car. the video shows officers approaching the vehicle. you hear them yelling at the driver to get out of the car. one of the officers pulled that map out through a window. the man suffered minor burns. >> a selfie, meantime led police to charge a teen with murder. 16-year-old maxwell morton was charged as an adult in the
6:41 am
shooting death of a 16-year-old boy in pennsylvania. he was arrested after sending a self selfie fe self selfie photo posing with the victim's body. more bid events. gay couples lined up outside of alabama courthouse ready to get married. moments ago the supreme court is expected to issue a nationwide recalling on same-sex marriage later this year. time now 6:41. coming up next, robbed at gunpoint, kidnapped and then rap raped the chargers a teenager is facing for what he did to a domino pizza delivery driver. and a tree snapped in two. we look at the latest round of weather. and a beautiful picture in redwood city.
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that's where bob redell has been. we'll be back with 15 minutes of nonstop weather, and news after this break.
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now, 15 minutes of continuous new, weather and traffic on "today in the bay." >> 6:44. right now clearing out. a live look of the realtime doppler radar shows a few scattered showers lingering in the bay area. >> we'll take you to downtown san francisco and san jose. the ground is still wet but the skies are drying out. this is how it looked across the bay area. a picture, if you will. powerful winds toppling trees, knocking out power to thousands of people. >> meteorologist christina loren
6:45 am
will tell us where rain drops falling right now. first let's check in with dave redell live on the peninsula this morning. pretty sunrise behind you. >> reporter: it's gorgeous. some of the busiest people overnight in the bay area have been the workers with pg&e trying to navigate the spaghetti method. power line brought down by yesterday. when it took downwinds. knocking it on an suv. there have been 380 customers in that part of the bay without power. we know those numbers are improving. we have 700 more. hundreds more have been without power on the peninsula, including some in the emald hills. pg&e was trying to get the power on before 6:00 this morning which was their self-imposed deadline. a lot of trees came down during
6:46 am
the storm. including this one in hillsborough which kept the timb timberline tree service very busy. they responded to 22 calls yesterday dealing with these couldn't hold their own against mother nature. >> there was a lot of saturation in the soil. it probably had a slight lean to it over the driveway. that was enough to have the roots fail. what happened next it crashed down on these gates here. it was a busy day force. didn't start until around 11:00, 10:00. that's when we saw it move in. >> pg&e reminds you, if you see a downed power line. there's a good chance you can assume it's energized. stay away from it. call 911. you can look at the live view here, in redwood city, everyone has their power on in this area with the exception of maybe 100
6:47 am
customers. generally 99% of everyone else has their lights back on. reporting live, bob redell. "today in the bay." you hear there fierce winds knocked down a huge eucalyptus tree overnight. it stopped a tree in half before landing on an suv below. right now is the lights are slowly coming back on. this happened near the corner of back sister and burnham street. look at this. this video shot overnight in napa where wind and rain brought down a 60-foot tall oak tree. the man living inside of the house at the time tells us he thought it was another earthquake. but not in this instance. weigh not hurt but it have to have the inspector check out his house. and now, time to check the
6:48 am
microclimb forecast, a live look across the bay. christina, what is going on? >> we're getting lingering activity as we get to the closest point of the day. >> that snow level is really high, all weekend long, although we did accumulate pretty good numbers when it comes to snowfall. one two-to-two feet above 8,000 feet. that's pretty high. this morning, as we're getting that pre accept station at the coldest point of the day, i believe we'll see lake level flurries at the very least. i want to start, though, with a 72-hour rainfall totals. scotts valley, 7.16, 4.33 in windsor. accumulated over 2 1/2 inches in san jose. the good thing is, it didn't all come in at once. we did see localized flooding
6:49 am
but nothing like the storm we saw in december. i want to show you what is happening at lake level. really look pretty good for snow to continue to fall as we head through the next couple of hours. you notice it's still not quite to 6300 feet. but i do believes it in the next couple hours temperatures will continue to drop. we'll see snow floweries down in the lake level. >> this morning we're waking up close to 60 degrees could n concord. >> 65 degrees to kick off the new day, new week in san jose. weather story of the day, hit or miss rain. afternoon clearing between 12 and 3:00, as we see the showers clear out of here. 61 degrees at noon today. great looking day. for lunch plans, you can get outdoors, finally. 62 degree in the peninsula. 62 degrees on the east shore. we'll round out the day in the
6:50 am
mid 60s. trading the numbers in by tomorrow as we get that big pattern change. that's what you can look forward to if you like warm, dry weather, we got it for you. 71 de degrees by wednesday. and 71 degree on thursday as we head into mid-february in san francisco. almost unheard of to have temperatures like this. enjoy them while they last, because i am targeting another storm system as you head into the middle of next week. but not before we get a gorgeous valentine's day. >> 64 in south bay. san francisco 68 degrees saturday and 70 degrees in the north bay. tri-valley 73 degrees. and if we see rain next week i'm targeting that tuesday into wednesday. i got something to watch. always watching your drive, good morning mike inouye. >> good morning christine into
6:51 am
lore loren. we always have cars to watch. over the 80 interchange there. we look at this live shot. you also notice gray here but not a big problem as far as rain goes. roads, are driving out in most of the bay. still slick conditions. 87 into downtown. 85 in saratoga. cupertino. san jose and rest of silicon valley. i've been watching this. we have reports of wires down. hillside slippage and trees threatened there in the area. traffic control blocking through that area of los gatos hills. locals know the reroute, however it's not a make percent commute. closer 17 of course. as we move out the map, we'll move north of here. we're looking at palo alto. you have a smoother drive
6:52 am
between the willow off-ramps. you see the arrow pushing you one lane to the left. emergency repair going on in the slow lanes. those are both moving smoothly and they are open between the two, as the volume builds a concern. as we look back at the map there's not a major issue as far as speed goes. we'll look to the other side of bait, toward an earlier crash, still have activity on the shoulder. dublin shows a typical building same thing for pleasanton. no drama, though. heading through wallnet nut creek, a smooth ride. upper east shore free way. look at the map approaching the bay bridge. we have a slow down there. and as we move over toward the north bay, look at green blotches and a crash. moving to the shoulder but no drama through san rafael. back you to. >> thank you very much. the thrust of the event might be over but the wind, rain, and
6:53 am
east coast storm are now causing a lot of problems for travelers still at sfo. so far today, 27 cancellations out of sfo but thousand of flights have been canceled because of bad weather. third monday in a row local numbers will likely go up. as always call your airline before going to the airport. now, as appropriate of a time as ever. rain or shine,down load the nbc weather app. you can find our doppler weather to see what you can expect in your neighborhood. >> it's 6:53. a bay area teenager is behind bars accused of kidnapping and raping a pizza delivery driver. >> kris sanchez is live in the bay area. what do we know this morning? >> reporter: we don't know much about cases involving juveniles
6:54 am
but he's expected of criming that fall under 707 b which means he could be charged as an adult. the victim was on the job for domino's pizza. she was delivering pizza to a home in the 2800 block of blue bell circle in antioch. when she arrived the suspect forced her at gun point back in her vehicle and made her drive to an undisclosed location where he then sexually assaulted her. the victim called police and by 1:00 the police were at that residence and the suspect was under arrest. police arrested a 17-year-old who is now in custody at the martinez juvenil detention cent. he was arrested at the same address where the pizza was delivered. domino's statement reads in part, weir shocked and horrified of what happened.
6:55 am
we couldn't conceive of something like this happening especially sunday morning. we're working with the franchise owner to provide the victim with whatever support she needs. this is a woman who was just trying to make a living. we may learn more about the suspect. antioch police say we may be prepared to release more details. kris sanchez, in antioch. >> horrible crime. thanks, kris. >> and police have released a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old boy. police say the man is described as hispanic, between 40 and 50, 5'7" with a goatee and gray and black hair. the police are offering a reward to catch the man. the only suspect in the body parts case found in a suitcase is dead. the cause of his death has not
6:56 am
been redecembleased the d.a.'s released him last week saying there was not enough evidence to charge him. the body in the suitcase has not been identified. an intense standoff with police in a high end gated community ended peacefully after a man barricaded himself inside. officers say the man threatened his wife and offerses. tactical team and negotiators were called in. after several hours the man surrender. we've ben waiting for the spacex launch and once again it is delayed. history will eventually be made. >> once the rocket goes up there will be an attempt to land on a sea born platform and the rocket carriage the satellite nearly halfway the distance to the sun. a satellite that will turn its cameras back on earth. spacex was supposed to launch this rocket sun day there was a
6:57 am
problem with the tracking radar. the launch scrubbed due to weather. the satellite parking space is so far out in space. the satellite will see the earth as a big blue marble and take lots of pictures of it. sort of a planetwide selfie. the idea belongs to al gore. he wanted to replicate this sole photograph taken by astronauts of apollo 17. you she picture of our earth all of the time but we really take for granted how far away they had to travel to get it. wouldn't it be fun if we can actually take live pick tires of our planet. you have to get a satellite really far out there in order to do it. >> that al gore, first the internet and now that. >> let the record reflect he invented the selfie. >> everybody move slightly to the level, though. >> smile. >> 6:57, one last check of the top stories. president obama leading with
6:58 am
germany's chancellor angela merkel. the conflict between russia and ukraine expected to be on the agenda. >> and jury trial begins with the man accused of killing american sniper chris kyle. >> and most of the power restored in vallejo. a tree took down power lines causing a massive outage. and let's check in with christina. >> we'll see spotty activity. if you take a trip to santa cruz mountains, keep in mind a little spotty activity. a little clearing out as you head throughout the day. same goes for the higher elevations in the north bay. temperatures in the 50s. we are headed toward a lovely day. we'll climb into the 60s by lunch time in the mid 60s. warming trend coming your way as we head to the "today" show together. if you got to go now, mike can
6:59 am
help you but i have to tell you, it will be warm, 25 degrees wednesday. >> yes, exactly. let see how we're doing, take a look at san mateo bridge, it's calmed down a bit but from time to time it will shake. still gusty winds from time to time. oh, you talk possibly want to watch across the dunbar bridge. there was an earlier crash along kehoe that slowed things down. looking at a wider shot of the bay. typical builds through the northbound through san jose, silicon valley. haid ward. all of the way from hayward toward free not. t tri-valley, northern area coming down toward the bay bridge. westbound 80 moves smoothly but slowly, hercules, the wind
7:00 am
advisory for the bay bridge and at one point golden bridge as well. there's a look at the north bay. smooth and dry but still puddles on the shoulder area. >> happy monday morning. >> welcome. >> see you again in 25 minutes in our spare time. good morning. double trouble. in the northwest, torrential rains and high winds trigger flooding from washington state to california. while in the northeast, another dangerous winter storm expected to dump two more feet of snow on boston. al's tracking it all. holding out hope. the family of the american woman held hostage by isis speaks out amid conflicting reports of her death. devastating tragedy, bruce jenner opens up for the first time about his involvement in the deadly chain reaction car crash over the weekend. the former olympic star said to be cooperating fully as police investe.


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